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Thomas Thijssen
Hyper realism Art

Artist Thomas Thijssen kunstenaar tattoo 20220708-251.jpg

Meet The Artist

Hyper-realistic art: this is the essence of the work of Thomas Thijssen. This award-winning artist uses various techniques: drawing with charcoal, painting with oil paint, photography and tattooing. With his pencil, brush or needle he manages to capture a person’s soul and portrays it lifelike. At first sight, people often mistake his portrait drawings for a photo.


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Meet the artist
Sterren op het doek foto Thomas.jpg
Ronald Koeman drawing by Thomas Thijssen.jpg

Ronald Koeman

Making a new portrait of a face that is familiar for so many people: this sounded like a nice challenge to Thomas. He participated in the Dutch TV program Sterren op het Doek (Stars on Canvas), in which three artists portray a famous Dutchman. He made a hyper-realistic portrait of former professional football player and football coach Ronald Koeman.


Ronald Koeman


As an artist, Thomas aims to capture a person's soul and portray it in a hyper-realistic way. He made his first works of art with charcoal. Thomas is an autodidact and likes to keep developing new techniques. In addition to charcoal, he has discovered the magic of oil paint, with which he can play with color.


To make portraits as lifelike as possible, Thomas spends hours drawing or painting. In this way he can completely lose himself, for instance in making the structure of the skin: "Then I really get into a flow, that's so wonderful!" Art is a way for Thomas to tell a story and to amaze his audience. In addition, he uses magical realism in his work, for example in the portrait 'The Butterfly Girl'.

The Butterfly Girl by Thomas Thijssen charcoal drawing 2021.jpg
Jesus Christ drawing by Thomas Thijssen ART.jpg

Halfway - a portrait of Jesus

My latest project is called ‘Halfway - a portrait of Jesus’. This hyper-realistic charcoal drawing reflects my view on Jesus bearing the cross and in this way helping us carrying our personal burdens. For me it feels like Jesus is already in between two worlds in this portrait. Showing this work to others is very special, since it inspires a lot of people to share their personal stories with me. I created this unique image myself. I made a reference for my charcoal drawing, using my background as a photographer. This is my biggest drawing thus far, in next level resolution, 1.00 x 1.30 m. Prints are for sale.

Thomas Thijssen Tattoo Artist Kunstenaar 6.jpg
Art with ink
Thomas Thijssen Tattoo Artist Kunstenaar 1.jpg

Art with ink

Thomas is an artist. Whether he works with charcoal, oil paint or ink: it is always a game of light and dark. As a tattoo artist he works at his premium tattoo studio in the center of Amersfoort (the Netherlands). For every customer he makes a personal design, using his strength: hyperrealism




Thomas's background as a photographer comes in handy in his work as an artist. His portrait photos are intriguing and went all over the world. He was named one of the top five black and white portrait photographers worldwide by Digital Photo Magazine. Thomas won a award with his commercial photography for Hertog Jan.


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