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Thomas Thijssen
Hyper realism Art


It's all about art

As an artist, Thomas aims to capture a person's soul and portray it in a hyper-realistic way. He made his first works of art with charcoal. Thomas is an autodidact and likes to keep developing new techniques. In addition to charcoal, he has discovered the magic of oil paint, with which he can play with color.


To make portraits as lifelike as possible, Thomas spends hours drawing or painting. In this way he can completely lose himself, for instance in making the structure of the skin: "Then I really get into a flow, that's so wonderful!" Art is a way for Thomas to tell a story and to amaze his audience. In addition, he uses magical realism in his work, for example in the portrait 'The Butterfly Girl'.


All original drawings are sold out.

Only Pablo Picasso is available for sale.

Prints this week 50% discount. Please contact for price information.

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